Comentário: KODAK VERICOLOR 100 Professional Film is a medium-speed color negative film. Its speed, sharpness, and grain make it an excellent choice for portraiture and wedding photography. It is available in many roll and sheet sizes on a variety of bases.
This film is designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash at exposure times of 1/10,000 second to 1/10 second.
Process VERICOLOR 100 Professional Film in KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals for Process C-41. Processed negatives have excellent dark-keeping stability.

Sensibilidade: 100ASA
Processo: C-41
Exposições: 12 (6x6)
Data de Validade: 1997

Valor por Unidade: 2.00€/UN
Para quantidades disponiveis pedir listagem a photo.film.blogspot@gmail.com

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