Comentário: KODAK EKTACHROME 160T Professional Film is a medium-speed color-transparency film featuring very fine grain and high sharpness. It is designed for exposure with tungsten illumination (3200 K). You can also expose it with photolamps (3400 K), daylight, or electronic flash using filters.The film is well-suited for photojournalism, theater, fashion, editorial portraiture, architectural interiors, and motion-picture still photography where there is tungsten illumination. It has an intended exposure range of 1/10,000 to 1/10 second with no filter or exposure adjustment.

Sensibilidade: 160ASA
Processo: E-6
Exposições: 12 (6x6)
Data de Validade: 2004
Valor por Unidade: 3.50€/UN
Para quantidades disponiveis pedir listagem a photo.film.blogspot@gmail.com

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